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Falls are costly both in dollars and in the loss of well-being for older people. Research has shown that even if a fall does not cause any injuries, it can cause a fear of falling or loss of confidence. This fear leads many older people to limit their activities. It may result in reduced mobility and loss of physical conditioning, further increasing the risk of falling. The threat of a fall can be a barrier to safely doing all the things older adults want to do both at home and in their community – volunteering, going to events, meeting with friends, going to family functions, exercising, shopping, home chores, and others.

Getting regular exercise is just one of the ways to prevent falls and fractures that result from falls. Exercise keeps muscles and bones strong and improves balance. It also helps keep joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible. In turn, your balance and the way you walk may improve, lowering your risk of falling.

The customized exercise programs created by Move It Or Lose It include exercises specifically for improving balance.  With practice, almost anyone can achieve better balance. Strong legs and flexible ankles help prevent falls and allow you to catch yourself if you do trip.  What’s more, a well-rounded exercise plan can help you build better awareness of your body and surroundings, boost your confidence, and tune up your heart and lungs to keep you healthy and independent.

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Did You Know?
Yoga can be particularly useful for persons who lack muscle tone and cannot perform regular strength training exercises. Move It or Lose It incorporates yoga into all programs.